Your Link to a Simplified Telecom Billing and Lifecycle Management Solution

Yourlink is a cloud based cutting edge software tool that was created with the user in mind to provide a simple way to obtain information and complete tasks that were once difficult to and arduous to achieve.

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Managing your Telecom Ecosystem can be frustrating…

Take back control.


Top problems YourLink solves

  • Multiple bills from multiple vendors delivered in multiple mediums
  • Billing inaccuracies
  • Managing inventory on spreadsheets
  • Lack of visibility in order process
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Frequently asked questions

This depends on how much information you have readily available.   If you have your inventory and billing information accessible it’s 30-45 days.   We can offer assistance if needed to hunt down this information as well.    EDI feeds usually take 30 days to turn up.

We are multi platform compliant but Chrome is preferred.

Our offering is economical enough to accommodate the smaller business yet robust and feature rich enough for the large enterprise.   The criteria really comes down to need and frustration.  

No problem.   We will customize a solution that fits your situation and your budget.

Yes we do.   Just provide us a copy of what needs to be put into the system and we will integrate it into our platform.

We are HIPPA compliant and follow AWS best practices.

We offer software support which include SLA’s.  Our initial phase of introduction also includes extensive training on the portal.  We also offer support in the way of Telecom Help Desk.   This covers the entire scope of Telecom Operations including billing issues, audit, MAC’s, project management among other things.

Yes.  Our client care department can manage as much or little as needed.   We have over 25 years experience in carrier back office procedure and protocol to save you time and money.  We also can train your staff how to manage the portal and you can backfill where needed.

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